Our commitment

BNP Paribas Fortis demonstrates Corporate Social Responsibility in various different fields. Our policies are geared to three major goals: to increase the positive impact we have through our banking activities; to reduce the environmental footprint created by our activities; and to step up our commitments as regards our social solidarity initiatives and corporate philanthropy programmes.

Increasing the positive impact of our activities

We help both individual customers and corporate clients to carry out sustainable development projects.

Find out how we are working tirelessly to find even better ways to do banking. Take a look at our Positive Banking corner.

Reducing our environmental footprint

We set and follow strict rules for our investment and financing activities, and work to promote a low-carbon economy.

Find out about our main environmental and human rights commitments, the specific sector policies that we apply with regard to sensitive industries, and the Guidelines that govern our commercial relationships.

Helping to finance charity projects through our philanthropy programmes

Every year we support a number of non-profit organisations by providing time, expertise and financial assistance.

Find out how BNP Paribas Fortis Foundation helps to combat marginalisation among children and young people and how our philanthropy fund Impact Together provides long-term support to charity organisations and non-profits.