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Hello play! introduces the first completely offbeat 360° video


Hello play! pursues its collaboration with utmost creative designer Greg Barth,  to create a world first: a 360° video written for the screen on an electro track by Polar Youth available for free download. “The Future of Music” is nothing less than a revolutionary experience immersing you in a surrealist musical universe.

Innovating to create innovative experiences

Hello play! thrives on offering completely new electro music experiences through innovation.

The platform pushes the boundaries of video production and launches The Future of Music, a ground-breaking 360° experience. The users are completely incorporated in a captivating universe that offers visual discoveries wherever the eyes fall. Left, right, up or behind, the experience proves wholly encompassing and original: the same scene can be enjoyed from a plethora of different angles. The experience is increased tenfold on smartphones or tablets.

An explosive mix of talents

This project results from a co-creation between London-based artist and director Greg Barth (Switzerland), who previously directed a video for Hello play! blending stop-motion and 3D printing and one of the launch videos for the iPhone 6, and Polar Youth (Belgium), a young Ghent female electronic music producer.

With “The Future of Music”, the artists invite us to discover the offbeat universe of Carré Bleu, a bizarre electronic music producer with extravagant working methods. At the intersection between art and marketing, this digital work questions the relation between humans and our era’s completely digitalized music production approach.

Filmed in a London studio, the 360° video is an amalgam of startling visual effects hovering between inversed gravity, GIF loops and optical illusions. Plunged in a surreal, colourful story, Web surfers will also discover an exclusive soundtrack: a Polar Youth track available for free download.

Technology driving experience

The Hello play! electronic music platform stems from an initiative of Hello bank! (BNP Paribas Fortis’ 100% mobile bank). Conceived and supported by DIGIZIK, a communication agency specializing in music projects for brands, Hello play! is intent on boosting its visibility by using the must-haves of mobile first technology: 360° videos. This format – which is available on YouTube and Facebook – offers a personalised experience thanks to its gyroscope and accelerometer functionalities integrated in mobile devices.

Good to know:


Watch the 360° video on desktop:

To experience 360° videos on your computer, you must install the latest version of Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox or Internet Explorer. Movement happens via the + Control Pad displayed on screen or through the mouse in drag & drop function.


Watch the 360° on mobile devices:

On smartphone or tablet, the experience is even more impressive. Simply move your device in the various directions to displace the image. For example, if you move it to the right, the angle of vision will shift in the same direction. The rendering is nothing short of amazing. 

The latest version of the YouTube for Android or iOS function is required for the application to work. 

Discover the 360 video

Discover Hello play!:

Download stills of the shooting:

Listen and download Polar Youth’s exclusive track: Soundcloud link

The video was directed by artist Greg Barth and produced by DIGIZIK communication agency and Blinkink for Hello bank!



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Hello play!, The Future of Music platform


Hello play!, an initiative of Hello bank!, is a media focusing on Belgian and International electronic music. Hello play! proposes a yearly content programme encompassing written articles distributed on a daily basis, exclusive tracks on free download, thematic playlists accessible on mobile devices and compiled by influencers of the sector, collaborative projects consisting in creating artistic projects made hand-in-hand with local players, telling their stories online using video and text, countless video formats including the now-renowned live sessions that offer Belgian and international artists an opportunity to play live for 20 minutes before making the session available online, photo and video reports, parties, concerts and live streaming. And if that isn’t enough, a music agenda and a plethora of competitions and contest complete the offer.

These many initiatives are grouped together on a specially designed platform for mobile devices and are endorsed through a set of dedicated networks on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Soundcloud and the help of a cutting edge media plan.




Digizik, Interactive Music Bureau

Digizik is an agency specialising in the use of music at the service of brands. Whether developing creative strategies, producing content, managing communication or scouting and promoting Muses, Digizik develops targeted music-marketing programmes for various partners, including BNP Paribas Fortis, Hello bank!, Volkswagen, Tic-Tac, Contrex, Warner Music, Sony Music, Ninja Tune, Infiné, Savoir-Faire, etc. 

Digizik imagined Hello play! and is in charge of the daily management and content of the platform.