Hello bank!

Hello bank! + Jazz Festival = Hello Jazz Festival

Hello bank! broadens its musical universe and associates itself to jazz. Freedom, creativity, originality, innovation and cool sounds... We were truly meant to be together!

Music is an integral part of Hello bank! and we share countless ideas, desires, values and visions with the world of jazz.
Our impertinence and the energy that we use to impose new rules to the banking world, to get rid of old habits and to set our own course is not without recalling the attitude of jazzmen. Interaction, innovation, audacity... are common values with this musical universe.
If "I do what I want" is a motto that completely reflects the spirit of Hello bank!, it is also fitting to the attitude of jazzmen...       

By giving its name to one of Europe's Top 3 Jazz Festivals, Hello bank! affirms its freedom and creativity.     
The Jazz Festival doesn't do things by halves to mark its 30th birthday! More than 70 concerts spread out over two and a half months all around Belgium and encompassing the various influences that make up the discipline, a programme attracting girls and boys alike (and not only their dads!).

And the icing on the cake is that, for two whole months, Hello space! and Hello play! will organise competitions to win tickets and will offer an exhaustive documentation and information on participating artists, which will really help you to show off in front of all your friends!
Jazz truly ain't what it used to be... it's so much better in real life!

Details on the programme here and on the festival in the press kit: (pdf version)
Information on the Hello Jazz festival: