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BNP Paribas Fortis Foundation 2014 Awards: Official presentations

   On the occasion of the presentation of its 2014 Awards to 80 charities and not-for-profit organisations, BNP Paribas Fortis organised roundtables on several topical social themes. The essence of the debates is summed up in four white papers.  In this way, the Foundation demonstrates its willingness to be more than just a financial partner for these organisations.

Last December BNP Paribas Fortis Foundation announced the recipients of the 2014 Awards programme.  Every year under this programme, the Foundation provides financial support to local non-profits running educational projects to assist underprivileged children and teenagers.

During the first awards ceremony, which was held on 15 January 2015 for the Hainaut and Walloon Brabant provinces, several not-for-profit associations took part in a roundtable discussion on the subject of how such educational projects can be best used to create or strengthen inter-personal links – between a mother and her children, between blind or visually impaired children and other children, between young and elderly people and between young people and society at large. 

A second roundtable session has held in Antwerp on 23 January on the theme of access for all to sports and leisure activities.

On the occasion of the awards ceremony for Flemish Brabant and Limburg on 28 January, several not-for-profits took part in a third debate, focusing on the diversity and financing across the charity sector. 

On 6 February, a last roundtable was devoted to what happens to young people in support programmes who reach the age of majority. 

These debates threw up a large number of relevant experiences, ideas and points for attention. In the meantime, the main lines were set out in the papers herewith.

This thinking process on these important social issues is an extension of a survey carried out last year to gauge the relevance of BNP Paribas Fortis Foundation action. The twin aim is to foster an exchange of experience and good practice among charity and social work organisations and to encourage new players to support local charity work in the public interest.

The names of the recipients of the 2014 Foundation Awards in the various regions of the country, together with a short description and some photos pertaining to their projects, were published on 10 December last.

Have a look at pictures from the various awards ceremonies as well: Hainaut – Brabant Wallon (15 January 2015); East Flanders (20 January); West Flanders (22 January); Antwerp (23 January); Brussels (27 January); Flemish Brabant and Limburg (28 January) ; Liège – Namur – Luxemburg (6 February). 

Awards 2015 – Local charities will once again this year be able to apply for financial grants under the BNP Paribas Fortis Foundation Awards. The official launch of the 2015 call for projects will take place on 11 March.

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