Together for sustainability
Sustainability is rooted in our DNA

A positive future is by definition a sustainable future. That’s why we offer you the chance to invest in companies with a sustainable business model and why we’re keen to provide financing to help your company make the transition to sustainable practices.

  • Sustainable investing: our standard practice

    Our bank enables you to make a real difference by investing in companies that have set out to make a positive, environmentally-friendly impact. Back in 2015 we began to make such sustainable investments our standard offer to all our private banking clients. Moreover, today over 50% of our products carry the ‘Towards Sustainability’ label conferred by Belgian banking federation Febelfin. So you can be sure that your money is being invested in companies that are following an explicit sustainability policy.

    Our sustainable investment offer
    Sustainable investing: our standard practice
  • Sustainable financing and advice

    Our ‘green’ loans and specific advice are designed to help you transition towards a sustainable business model. Our Sustainable Business Competence Centre is there to provide expertise and help you to apply for a loan intended to finance sustainable investments at your company.

    Our sustainable solutions for companies
    Sustainable financing and advice

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