Climact: practical ways to help our business clients accelerate their transition to sustainability

By joining forces with Climact, we want to go the extra mile in helping our business customers accelerate their transition towards a zero-carbon society. Climact provides everything businesses need – from analysis to the creation of a comprehensive action plan – to contribute to a more sustainable economy.

We have been supporting businesses in their transition to sustainability for many years. Since 2018, experts from our Sustainable Business Competence Centre have been helping them design sustainable business models and offering them innovative, positive-impact financial solutions.

A comprehensive, independent overview

To help our clients assess the climate footprint of their businesses more effectively, we have formed a partnership with Climact, a Belgian consultancy created in 2007. “We’re aiming for a zero-carbon society by 2050,” says Hugues de Meulemeester, one of Climact’s founders and partners. “To achieve that and to overcome all of the obstacles, we work with public authorities, NGOs and private-sector businesses. In particular, we calculate their carbon footprint and work with them to find ways of reducing it.”

Two complementary skillsets

The partnership means that our clients can work with independent experts who are leaders in their field. Climact’s input is an integral part of our client pathway and complements the support they already receive from the Sustainable Business Competence Centre. “Our experts and relationship managers maintain ongoing dialogue with their clients and continue to advise them about their sustainability strategy,” explains Mattijs Van Miert, Project Manager Cross-Buy Development, Corporate Banking. “Together, they and their clients identify the right time to work with Climact.”

From analysis...

Once a client is in touch with Climact’s experts, they are naturally free to choose the extent of their collaboration. In particular, Climact offers regulatory advice, devises strategies to mitigate the negative impact of climate change and maximise opportunities, and helps set up energy-related projects. “After the analysis phase, we set strategic targets with our clients,” continues Hugues de Meulemeester. “We draw up action plans that deal with the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions that we can address directly, such as travel and buildings. We also encourage our clients to look at the big picture, which means their entire value chain and both direct and indirect emissions. Everything is quantified in terms of cost, investment and scheduling. We propose robust, science-based solutions, and we also monitor progress towards targets.”

... to implementation

“The work that Climact does for our clients is independent,” emphasises Mattijs Van Miert. “But of course our relationship managers are here to help clients who, following this exercise, want to adopt the solutions that have been identified.”

Helping our clients build a more sustainable future: another example of Positive Banking.

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