Caroline juggles needs and solutions

Working for a bank isn't very exciting and the people are boring. And what's the point anyway? While this is what some people think, the reality is actually very different, as our colleagues can confirm. Meet Caroline, who thinks of herself as a Juggler of Solutions.

You see yourself as a Juggler of Solutions, how come?

My job mainly consists of analysing problems and finding solutions, which my colleagues in IT implement to make our apps better. It means I spend my time juggling IT development issues and user needs.

So how do you make a difference day-to-day?

You could say that I connect the IT side of the bank with our users. To put it another way: I establish links between the technology and sales sides of the business. And although most people don't realise this, teamwork is key to the smooth running of our IT platforms. My job has a direct impact on the people who use our apps: the solutions I develop make their daily lives easier, which is a massive motivator for me!

What do you think are important qualities for this job?

People skills are really important. I think you need to be able to listen to people, have empathy, and be able to negotiate. You also need to be an analytical thinker to be able to fully understand the problems in development projects. And finally, you need to be pretty creative to find the right solution, which can then be implemented to meet users' needs.

Do you want to become a Juggler of Solutions like Caroline?

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