Since 2008, the cumulate growth of credit (21%) is higher than the cumulated evolution of the gross domestic product (19%)*. We therefore participate fully to the economic growth. In 2014, BNP Paribas Fortis granted loans for an amount of € 88.6 Billion to companies and private individuals in Belgium. *Figures Belgium/Luxembourg
We finance economy sustainably

Our support to sustainable projects 

It comes across in various manners:

  • By taking part to the public-private partnership for the construction and renovation of 165 schools, a € 1.6 billion investment;

  • By granting, in 2014, credits for an amount of € 550 billion to the public sector and social profit players (hospitals, schools, university, social housing, public utility companies...);

  • By developing a partnership with crowdfunding platform MyMicroInvest to make the sources of alternative financing more accessible, thus giving a helping hand to entrepreneurship in Belgium;

  • By financing 18 000 new entrepreneurs in 2014. BNP Paribas Fortis gives priority to entrepreneurs by offering them preferential rates, adapted advice and advantageous credits.