If you are flipping through our jobs pages, you are not here by chance. Student, young graduate, or experienced professional looking for your next challenge, or simply curious… you likely have an objective: To get to know us better? Seize a job opportunity? Or a combination of both? We are going to try to respond to your questions and satisfy your curiosity.

BNP Paribas Fortis is the leading Belgian company in the financial sector, and is determined to reinvent itself to be the bank of tomorrow.

BNP Paribas Fortis is... You and Us

The rules of the game have changed, the job market has evolved and now we want to be able to convince you to choose us. Joining the adventure at BNP Paribas Fortis means sharing our values and our convictions. Find out about our employer promise with our employees!

  • We are... a Learning Company

    To face the challenges of tomorrow, we must take the right action at the right time, be flexible and adapt quickly. The secret? Continuously grow and develop. Each employee is encouraged to ‘Energize Your Learning’ to make progress every day and regularly build on their skills. Because each person is unique and each aspiration is different, everyone is free to ‘Future Yourself’, and shape their own career . And given the wealth and variety of the jobs we can offer and the fact that we are part of an international group, there are a wide range of possibilities. We are ‘The Place to Grow’.

  • We are… A Sustainable & Responsible Leader

    Thanks to our ‘Rock Solid’ presence in Belgium, and the daily commitment of our more than 12,000 employees, we are committed to being every one of our customers' trusted financial partner at each key moment of their lives. Much more, we are ‘Sustainable in Our DNA’. We develop sustainable financing and investment solutions that have a ‘Positive Impact’ on society, both directly and indirectly. We also support both small and large companies in their sustainable transformation. Because our business only has value if it has meaning for society.

  • We are… An Open-Minded Organisation

    Being able to showcase our differences is one of the key elements of our commitment and of the collective success of our company. Specifically, we value ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ initiatives and stimulate a culture of open communication. Each person can express themselves and be heard in an atmosphere of caring and mutual ‘Respect’. Open-mindedness is also ‘Open Banking’, which means integrating fast-moving and ongoing developments in our markets, products and services as well as working together with other stakeholders, such as tech start-ups to co-create innovative solutions.

  • We are… the Place to Work Differently

    Joining us means being part of an organisation that strives to be a different kind of workplace, encouraging each person to be agile, creative and innovative. An organisation that offers ‘New Ways of Working’ and stimulates ‘Cross Collaboration’ to constantly improve our effectiveness and power of innovation. Interested in ‘Agile Working’ and creative collaboration? Perfect, because that's exactly how we work! We are convinced that this is the most effective and quickest way to implement our projects and to excel so that we are always able to offer innovative solutions.

Attractive working conditions

A salary package with excellent benefits 

Of course when you choose BNP Paribas Fortis, it's because you would like to work here. But the package we offer in exchange for your commitment is also quite attractive. You’ll receive a good salary and benefits that are above average. That's something your family will be able to enjoy along with you. Here and there, you can even customise the package according to your own (changing) needs.

In brief, your package will include:

  • Flexible working conditions: possibility to do homeworking / different work schedules possible
  • Hospitalisation insurance
  • Group insurance
  • Non-statutory leave and bank holidays
  • Electronic meal vouchers
  • Reimbursement of commuting expenses and green mobility plan
  • Internet @ home / Multimedia bonus
  • Employee discounts, gift certificates, clubs and family benefits, membership in “Mijn Korting”
  • “Cafeteria” car
  • Non-statutory child benefits
All this information is valid for permanent contracts. Benefits are subject to change according to function classification. The bulletpoints above are informative.

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