• Focus on the customer

    Today, and tomorrow

    At BNP Paribas Fortis, we have all kinds of customers. Private individuals who want to save for their children's education, beginning companies who need credit, global corporations with complex financial constructions... All of our customers have individual stories and individual needs. But they’re all looking for trust. That is why it’s our job, first and foremost, to be good listeners. And then to help realise their plans and dreams with intelligent, creative and effective banking solutions.

  • Innovative culture

    The future is ours

    We are the bank for a changing world. And that's more than just a slogan. It's hard work. The world certainly is changing, at lightning speed. And families and companies are expecting more from their banks. That's why we’re constantly innovating. We launch new applications, offer new ways for customers to get in touch with us, monitor trends in innovation, invest in start-ups and stimulate our own employees to think beyond the borders of their professional field and to get involved in unexpected, innovative projects.

  • A learning organisation

    Knowledge is the key to success

    If you want to take part in our knowledge economy, you have to invest in learning. And BNP Paribas Fortis wants to do more than just keep up. That's why we make continuing education a high priority. We’re also constantly recruiting trainees. We let juniors train seniors and vice versa. We believe in mentoring and coaching and have opened our doors wide to other innovative learning methods. And our Risk Academy and Management Academy are among the finest in their fields.

  • Ethical and responsible

    100% trust

    Our company isn’t an island. We’re interconnected with a wide range of people and companies, in all sectors. We form part of the social fibre. And that's why we feel it’s important to take a responsible and ethical stance. That's why we invest in education and diversity and we encourage volunteering. We’re also increasing our focus on micro-finance and social enterprise, taking part in grassroots initiatives and we have our own self-imposed, binding quota for gender equality and diversity.


Attractive working conditions

A salary package with excellent benefits 

Of course when you choose BNP Paribas Fortis, it's because you would like to work here. But the package we offer in exchange for your commitment is also quite attractive. You’ll receive a good salary and benefits that are above average. That's something your family will be able to enjoy along with you. Here and there, you can even customise the package according to your own (changing) needs.

In brief, your package will include:

  • Flexible working conditions: possibility to do homeworking / different work schedules possible
  • Hospitalisation insurance
  • Group insurance
  • Non-statutory leave and bank holidays
  • Electronic meal vouchers
  • Reimbursement of commuting expenses and green mobility plan
  • Internet @ home / Multimedia bonus
  • Employee discounts, gift certificates, clubs and family benefits, membership in “Mijn Korting”
  • “Cafeteria” car
  • Non-statutory child benefits
All this information is valid for permanent contracts. Benefits are subject to change according to function classification. The bulletpoints above are informative.

Top Employer Belgium English 2018Once again, this year, BNP Paribas Fortis was awarded the Top Employer label.That simply means that our working conditions were scored very highly by an independent jury. Just so you know.