Our Talent programmes

Accelerate your career with us!

Are you a recent graduate or young professional and do you want to accelerate your career in just a few months? This what our 'Talent' programmes promise, through intensive immersion in several departments of our organisation combined with personalised mentoring. Because we're convinced that you are the future of our bank and that with your talent, we will succeed in our transformation: to be the committed and sustainable bank of the future.

  • Jolien - Relationship Manager Commercial Banking

    Jolien tells why she chooses BNP Paribas Fortis.

  • Onboarding

    During the first hundred days of your Talent Programme, you’ll become BNP Paribas Fortis proof. You’ll experience our vision, values and attitudes at close hand and you’ll begin charting your personal development plan and building your network.



    True learning happens on the job. Through a series of assignments in different business lines or departments of the bank, you will have a broad impression of the banking world and insight into your chosen area of expertise.

    We’ll assign you to a range of projects. This will allow you to grow, keep on raising your sights and to make many useful contacts. At the same time, you’ll be continuously focused on your personal development. Hard work, in other words. And way beyond your comfort zone. But ultimately, a fascinating experience.

    Of course you’ll receive plenty of support along the way – that's what this Talent Programme is all about, after all. The other talents, your colleagues during your assignment, your assignment manager, your coach, the trainers during the sessions that you follow... They’re all there to support you.

    On your way to your first job

    Each assignment is an opportunity to get to know new people, business lines and departments. These are ideal contacts to help you carry out your first job effectively in the near future. Because that's the goal, after all: the chance to apply your skills, experience and knowledge in a permanent job. What job that will be depends on the specific emphasis you choose in your Talent Programme, and on the business needs at that moment.


    It doesn’t stop there

    Talent Programme finished? You've made yourself indispensable to our bank? Then it's time for your first job. This will be in line with your programme and your interests, to the extent that they can accommodate the current business needs.



    Find your job

    • Commercial traineeships

      The banking industry is evolving rapidly! As a talented young graduate, today is more than ever the time to be part of that changing world. Providing innovative and smart advice to our customers will be more important than ever. And that is exactly what you will learn in this traineeship.
    • Expert traineeships

      A bank can never have enough experts on its side. Taxation, law, HR... Plenty of professional fields in which to excel. How do you make the shift from diploma-knowledge to real-world expertise? Simple: lots and lots of training and learning more from your fantastic colleagues. That's your traineeship in a nutshell.
    • Our ORMIT Traineeships

      ORMIT is our highly specialized trainee-partner, helping us in the search for young talents. Together, we bring you the incredible combo of interesting projects and a fantastic personal development programme. Are you ready to be challenged and to discover the best version of yourself?