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Our bank's IT is evolving and focusing on new and innovative technologies. Every day we strive to anticipate and meet our customers' needs. The aim? Offer them tailor-made solutions at every key moment in their lives. Hot topics include digitalisation, big data, artificial intelligence, open banking, co-creation with start-ups, ....

Our bank is changing, and so are our products and services. Do you want to work with others to create new solutions for our customers? To join small self-managed, multidisciplinary teams? To work in short iterations (sprints) to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) quickly, then improve it based on feedback from other teams to arrive at an end product and reduce the time to market? Great!

Because at BNP Paribas Fortis we work in Agile mode. We are convinced that this is the most effective and fastest way to carry out our projects and go further, to constantly offer innovative solutions.

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    • Luciné works within our IT department. She is Web & Digital Foundations Cluster Product Owner. What is her background? What does her job entail? Why is Agile working important to her and how does she experience it?

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