Hello bank!, it’s the mobile bank, fully accessible on your tablet or smartphone. It’s the freedom of banking wherever and whenever you want. With free offers tailored to your lifestyle. Hello bank! is simple, attractive and super secure. Much more than a bank: it's an entire world...


Hello bank! is at the centre of a new vision of the bank, designed to meet the expectations of those who are connected because they love things that are fast and simple. The app Hello bank! is practical, free, and is designed so everyone can easily manage their banking life - everywhere, and at any time.

The Hello Team

Experts in banking and new technologies (the kind that are serious and smart but wear sneakers) answer your questions precisely, professionally and casually, on Facebook, Twitter, email or phone.

The Hello World 

Hello bank! is more than a bank. It’s also a constantly expanding digital world where you’ll find music; events and deals.  And there’s plenty more to come...

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