Fintro is a division of BNP Paribas Fortis N.V., consisting of a network of more than 300 independent agents who advise individuals, self-employed people and small enterprises.
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Our philosophy

Helping people execute their financial plans is a privilege. It is a task that needs to be done properly, thoroughly, with good sense and with full knowledge of the facts.

But this is only possible by actually listening to people. This is why Fintro and its banking agents invest in a long-term relationship with each client and each employee, in order to move forward together in their private or professional life. Fintro and its banking agents are making big efforts for the people around them. Because behind the numbers, it's the people who really matter.

Local and available agents

Fintro agents are present in their neighbourhood: they are close to you as a client, both literally and figuratively, and can thus develop the best plan for each of your personal or professional projects. Adequate advice, tailor-made solutions and a satisfactory product and service offer are the strengths of your Fintro agent.

In order to be closer to you, more and more Fintro banking agents have their own Facebook page. Fintro also has a national Facebook page, full of tips and tricks.

Professional or private, we are here to help you

Your Fintro banking agent offers a wide range of products and services you can make use of. Practical and modern products for everyday banking, sound advice for every project that you want to finance and the right investment at any time of your life: your Fintro agent will help you knowingly and based on your personal situation, both private than professional. He is also an entrepreneur himself: he is flexible, proactive and involved.

A cultural and sports sponsor

With the Fintro Running Tour, Fintro supports the most beautiful urban running trails in the country: several local events that fit perfectly into Fintro's proximity philosophy.

Fintro also makes a cultural contribution, as she supports three literary projects:

  • Het Lezerscollectief: This network of reading experts brings people together and strengthens their position in society by reading literary stories and poems in various reading groups.
  • "The Prix Fintro Ecritures Noires": in collaboration with the “Foire du Livres” in Brussels, Fintro launched for the first time in 2017 the “Prix Fintro Ecritures Noires". Through this initiative, Fintro wishes to demonstrate that she is more than a financial partner, offering the possibility for still unpublished manuscripts to enter into the literary landscape.
  • The “Fintro Prijs”: in October 2018 the “Fintro Prijs Spannend Boek” was launched in collaboration with, in analogy with the Prix Fintro. This literary prize is meant for budding writers’ talent in Flanders. With this prize, Fintro wants the help realize the dream of Flemish people who have never published a book before, by assisting them in the publication of their first manuscript.

Civic responsibility

Fintro supports the Belgian Paralympic Committee. It seeks to share the belief that sport connects people, brings communities together, promotes inclusion and can inspire us all.

Through its partnership with Te Gek !? and by supporting its campaigns, Fintro draws attention to the perception and the understanding of psychological problems.

Two socially responsible ambitions that fit perfectly within the values of Fintro.


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