Since 2012, BNP Paribas Fortis is the Festival of Flanders’ partner for social initiatives. Every year, since 1972, this diverse musical event enchants Brussels and seven different cities of Flanders. So that culture is available to all we exclusively support the various social projects that are organized on the sidelines of the musical events, such as Shanti! Shanti! and Care to Share.

The Festival of Flanders, a multidisciplinary event 

Since 1972, the Festival of Flanders organizes musical events of high regard in Brussels and in seven cities in Flanders. Classical, contemporary, world and of the Middle Ages, music to delight everyone. The Festival of Flanders, is also a gateway to other disciplines such as visual arts, film and dance.

Care to Share, culture for all

The Festival of Flanders’ in Gent groups its social projects under one banner called Care to Share. This programme allows everyone to access the Festival’s culture events . Whether it’s disadvantaged children, music lovers with visual disability, nursing homes residents, hospital patients they all can attend the concerts. It’s with great enthusiasm that musicians, coaches and volunteers work alongside the Festival of Flanders and BNP Paribas Fortis to carry out these initiatives.

Shanti! Shanti!, a creative collective

BNP Paribas Fortis supports Shanti! Shanti!. Created on the initiative of the Festival of Flanders in Brussels, this choir is made up of young people from different socio-cultural backgrounds, aged 7 to 13. These young singers share their love of music with passion and joy, to the sound of their pure voices, and do so in several languages at neighbourhood parties, concerts and festivals. The choir also performed in Flagey and became over time one of the highlights of KlaraFestival.

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