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Thanks to Hello bank! you can pay with your wristband at Tomorrowland & DreamVille

Festivalgoers who went to last year's TomorrowWorld in the USA already had the opportunity to try out the cashless system. And it was a success. Visitors who ordered drinks could pay quickly and conveniently, just using their wristbands.

No more hassle with finding cash, fitting it all into your handbag, not having enough pockets or losing your tokens. You simply have to upload Pearls, the Tomorrowland currency, on your wristband, order your drink, give it a quick swipe and get back to dancing.

In no time you can top up your wristband at the Tomorrowland and DreamVille terminals. If you still have some unused Pearls left on your wristband when the festival is over, don't worry: these will be credited to your bank account.

The people who are fortunate enough to have tickets to go to Tomorrowland in Boom will soon receive their magic wristbands via the post. Load it up with money, and you have everything you need, literally at the flick of a wrist.

It's all about comfort and convenience for the festival attendees. Hello bank! proved to be the perfect partner to make this happen for Tomorrowland. And the feeling is mutual. In Tomorrowland, Hello bank! recognizes the drive and ambition to offer an innovative response to changing needs and expectations. Hello bank! targets the generation who's always online, constantly in motion, with so much to do and so little time. And that's exactly the generation who will be attending Tomorrowland in Boom on 24, 25 and 26 July.

But there's more… from July 8th. Once you've put on your personal wristband, you can become a member of the unique 'People of Tomorrow' platform that offers a super easy way to get into contact with other People of Tomorrow at the festival. It's all possible thanks to the platform that's accessible exclusively to the guests at Tomorrowland & DreamVille. People of Tomorrow are just one click away from each other and from sharing a whole world of unique moments together.

You can find everything about the magic wristband in this video:

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