When you apply to BNP Paribas Fortis you are not only applying for a job, you are giving meaning to your work. Joining us means choosing a company that offers you interesting roles – roles which are constantly evolving to meet the expectations of both our customers and society. It means joining a company committed to accelerating the green transition and building a more sustainable future. A company where you can be yourself and that invests in developing your skills as an individual.

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Today, what matters in a job is to have new experiences, to keep learning, and to share objectives and results with your colleagues. In short, to forge your own path, according to your preferences and desires.

How is life like at BNP Paribas Fortis? Our employees tell you all about it.

  • Aziza seized opportunities to grow her career

    Change doesn't scare Aziza. Over the years, she has seized opportunities in the internal mobility market and moved up the ladder in the IT department. At BNP Paribas Fortis, there's no shortage of challenges. All you need to do is believe in your potential and be willing to learn. We'll do the rest!

    Meet Aziza

  • Positive impact: the key to Aristote’s job

    What does Aristote like best about his job? Building a genuine relationship of trust with his clients and helping them carry out their projects. The icing on the cake is that he makes a point of supporting them towards a more sustainable business model.

    Meet Aristote

  • How Fabrice juggles his job and family responsibilities

    Working part time and taking on important responsibilities? For Fabrice, it's entirely possible. And it was even encouraged by his management. As a result, he enjoys more time with his three children without sacrificing a career full of challenges and rewarding encounters.

    Meet Fabrice

  • Helping others is at the heart of Laïla’s job

    In her job and in everyday life, Laïla loves to feel useful. That’s why she makes sure that our clients get on the digital bandwagon by leading workshops on how to use our digital tools. And thanks to our volunteering programme, she can free up time to put her skills to work for people who need them.

    Meet Laïla

  • Simon feels at home in our inclusive environment

    Simon has found a working environment at BNP Paribas Fortis where he can be himself, without fear of being judged. Better yet, he decided to get actively involved in our Pride network and promote diversity within our company and beyond.

    Meet Simon

  • Jeroen relies on our training to grow

    For Jeroen, learning throughout his career is key. That’s why he chose one of our young talent tracks. Thanks to a mentoring programme and à la carte training, he gradually expanded his skills set. Today, he holds a position of responsibility and thrives in it.

    Meet Jeroen


Are you looking for an exciting job that is constantly evolving? A job where you can be yourself and develop new skills every day? Welcome to our workplace.

Regardless of your qualifications, background and ambitions, BNP Paribas Fortis has many exciting career opportunities to offer you!

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The number of steps may vary, depending on the job concerned, but we always conduct at least two interviews. Some roles may involve more interviews and/or tests. But don't panic, it's just to make sure we understand each other perfectly and that you will thrive in your new job.

  • Salesperson

    Needs are changing, as are products, and technologies are transforming how we interact with our customers. Are you ready to help them achieve their plans, take up the challenges they face and try to respond to them with your expert colleagues?
    It's over to you!
  • IT Specialist

    Do you want to work in small multidisciplinary teams and work creatively alongside our employees from different business lines and departments, in other words, to work in Agile mode?
    This is where it happens.
  • Junior and ready to accelerate your career

    Are you a recent graduate or young professional looking to develop your leadership talent? Join us and accelerate your career by choosing the 'Talent' programme that suits you.
    Ready? Go
  • Expert

    Audit, Tax, Legal, Finance, Compliance and Risk are more important than ever to our bank. Combine your expertise with that of your future colleagues to achieve our ambitions: improve our operations and control risks of all kinds.
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